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It is flexible metal

It is flexible metal
  • It is flexible metal
  • It is flexible metal
  • It is flexible metal
1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR)

It is flexible metal represents industrial process during which sheet metal practically of any thickness gets a necessary form. During this technological process of preparation of a flat form receive a volume product which has no seams and connections.

Now technology of exact are flexible metal actively it is used as it allows the production organization to refuse application of stamps at production of many details. Use are flexible also allows to receive high precision of the linear sizes and corners of a product and to receive an integral design of seamless type. This huge advantage to production as seams on welding products quite often are the most weak spot, corrosion is most widespread in it, and, as a result, integrity of a product is broken. Also the high durability of the metal subject to such processing is noted.

Energosistemy ELTO LLP renders services on are flexible metal. All works are performed by vysokvalifitsirovanny experts on modern machines.


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Information is up-to-date: 14.02.2018

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